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Project Description
This is a lightweight C# 4.0 ViewModel-first MVVM framework designed to aid in the creation of desktop wpf applications.

Main goals of project:
  • quick and simple out of the box support for creating ViewModel-first MVVM applications
  • offer a simple solution against repetitive code when dealing with view models of models with lots of properties
  • offer a simple solution for MVVM window/dialog management
  • minimal changes required, if any, to existing XAML workflow

Basic feature list:
  • all relevant object tracking is via weak references
  • all thread synchronization done via general SynchronizationContext instead of Invoke/BeginInvoke
  • several advanced ICommand implementations, including AsyncCommand
  • generic Mediator messaging class with weak compiled open delegates for good performance
  • support for automatic normal/modal Window creation/showing/closing based on the WorkspaceViewModel class and storing Views as resources in ResourceDictionaries
  • DynamicViewModel based on custom TypeDescription for automatic wrapping of model properties

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